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The “T” in GLBT is something I think most of us take for granted. I know I did.  A lot of people assume that since gay, lesbian and bi individuals are now receiving rights and benefits, the same must be true for Transgender folks as well.  Unfortunately, that’s very far from the truth.  When we started to make Finding Kim, I knew that I would learn things along the way.  Little did I know just how much I would learn from this community of people.  Kim’s story is similar to those going through transition, however each and every person we have interviewed so far had their own personal journey.  Like a coming out story, no two are the same.

We’re currently trying to setup some time to shoot again in late October with a local doctor that specializes in the GLBT field as well as some additional interviews with Kim.  The team has started to sort through footage which, to be honest, is going to be the hardest part of making this film. What to keep and what to discard? What footage best represents Kim, the community and tells a compelling story?  Documentary film isn’t like a narrative film. We aren’t working from a script or set story.  This is Kim’s life, as it happens.

It’s exciting, stimulating, moving &  sometimes overwhelming.  I can’t wait for you all to see the finished film.





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